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    • Incentive-Based Policy Design for Pollution Control and Biodiversity Conservation : A Review 

      de Vries, Frans P.; Hanley, Nicholas David (2016-04-01) - Journal article
      This paper provides a succinct review of the main developments in the literature on incentive-based policy mechanisms in the contexts of pollution control and biodiversity conservation, dating from the early beginnings of ...
    • Optimal allocation with ex post verification and limited penalties 

      Mylovanov , Tymofiy; Zapechelnyuk, Andriy (2017-09) - Journal article
      Several agents with privately known social values compete for a prize. The prize is allocated based on the claims of the agents, and the winner is subject to a limited penalty if he makes a false claim. If the number of ...
    • Optimal robust bilateral trade : risk neutrality 

      Čopič, Jernej; Ponsati Obiols, Clara (2016-05) - Journal article
      A risk neutral seller and buyer with private information bargain over an indivisible item. We prove that optimal robust bilateral trade mechanisms are payoff equivalent to non-wasteful randomized posted prices.