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  • The evolutionary ecology of decorating behaviour 

    Ruxton, Graeme D.; Stevens, Martin (2015-06) - Journal item
    Many animals decorate themselves through the accumulation of environmental material on their exterior. Decoration has been studied across a range of different taxa, but there are substantial limits to current understanding. ...
  • Perceived direction of motion determined by adaptation to static binocular images 

    May, Keith A.; Zhaoping, Li; Hibbard, Paul B. (2012-01-10) - Journal article
    In Li and Atick's [1, 2] theory of efficient stereo coding, the two eyes' signals are transformed into uncorrelated binocular summation and difference signals, and gain control is applied to the summation and differencing ...
  • Wind turbine underwater noise and marine mammals : implications of current knowledge and data needs 

    Madsen, P T; Wahlberg, M; Tougaard, J; Lucke, K; Tyack, Peter Lloyd (2006) - Journal item
    The demand for renewable energy has led to construction of offshore wind farms with high-power turbines, and many more wind farms are being planned for the shallow waters of the world's marine habitats. The growth of ...