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    • Effects of ecological scaling on biodiversity patterns 

      Antão, Laura H. (University of St Andrews, 2018-06-27) - Thesis
      Biodiversity is determined by a myriad of complex processes acting at different scales. Given the current rates of biodiversity loss and change, it is of paramount importance that we improve our understanding of the ...
    • Prevalence of multimodal species abundance distributions is linked to spatial and taxonomic breadth 

      Henriques Antão, Laura; Connolly, Sean R.; Magurran, Anne E.; Soares, Amadeu; Dornelas, Maria (2017-02) - Journal article
      Aim. Species abundance distributions (SADs) are a synthetic measure of biodiversity and community structure. Although typically described by unimodal logseries or lognormal distributions, empirical SADs can also exhibit ...