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    • Low surface gravitational acceleration of Mars results in a thick and weak lithosphere : implications for topography, volcanism, and hydrology 

      Heap, Michael J.; Byrne, Paul K.; Mikhail, Sami (2017-01-01) - Journal article
      Surface gravitational acceleration (surface gravity) on Mars, the second-smallest planet in the Solar System, is much lower than that on Earth. A direct consequence of this low surface gravity is that lithostatic pressure ...
    • Magmatic record of India-Asia collision 

      Zhu, Di-Cheng; Wang, Qing; Zhao, Zhi-Dan; Chung, Sun-Lin; Cawood, Peter Anthony; Niu, Yaoling; Liu, Sheng-Ao; Wu, Fu-Yuan; Mo, Xuan-Xue (2015-09-23) - Journal article
      New geochronological and geochemical data on magmatic activity from the India-Asia collision zone enables recognition of a distinct magmatic flare-up event that we ascribe to slab breakoff. This tie-point in the collisional ...
    • Plume-lithosphere interaction, and the formation of fibrous diamonds 

      Broadley, M. B.; Kagi, H.; Burgess, R.; Zedgenizov, D.; Mikhail, Sami; Almayrac, M.; Ragozin, A.; Pomazansky, B.; Sumino, H. (2018-10-01) - Journal article
      Fluid inclusions in diamond provide otherwise inaccessible information on the origin and nature of carbonaceous fluid(s) in the mantle. Here we evaluate the role of subducted volatiles in diamond formation within the ...