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    • Practitioner report: running walls: the performance of the limit in prison 

      Maccagno, Paolo (The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, 2015-06-26) - Report
      The limit to freedom, represented by the wall of the prison, is the limit to run to reach the finish-line of the marathon: run the limit! Training prisoners to run a marathon as a practice of the limit. Inside and outside ...
    • Quantum metrology with molecular ensembles 

      Schaffry, Marcus; Gauger, Erik M.; Morton, John J. L.; Fitzsimons, Joseph; Benjamin, Simon C.; Lovett, Brendon W. (2010-10-28) - Journal article
      The field of quantum metrology promisesmeasurement devices that are fundamentally superior to conventional technologies. Specifically, when quantum entanglement is harnessed, the precision achieved is supposed to scale ...
    • Revisiting Batchelor's theory of two-dimensional turbulence 

      Dritschel, David Gerard; Tran, Chuong Van; Scott, Richard Kirkness (2007-11-25) - Journal article
      Recent mathematical results have shown that a central assumption in the theory of two-dimensional turbulence proposed by Batchelor (Phys. Fluids, vol. 12, 1969, p. 233) is false. That theory, which predicts a X-2/3 k(-1) ...