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    • Definir los museos del siglo XXI : experiencias plurales 

      Brulon Soares, Bruno; Brown, Karen; Nazor, Olga; University of St Andrews.School of Art History; University of St Andrews.Museums, Galleries and Collections Institute; University of St Andrews.Centre for Contemporary Art (ICOFOM, 2018-06-09) - Book
      This publication brings together a selection of papers presented in the three symposiums organized by ICOFOM under the general theme Defining the Museum of the 21st century, with Universidad Nacional de Avellaneda – UNDAV, ...
    • Horacio Coppola : towards an aesthetic genealogy 

      Kefala, Eleni (2016) - Journal article
      Although a milestone in the history of Latin American photography, the work of Horacio Coppola is little known outside Argentina. His unorthodox angles and tilting frames, his attention to industrial and urban themes, and ...
    • Migration, re-emigration and identities’ change : The case of one Roma group from USSR 

      Marushiakova-Popova, Elena Andreevna; Popov, Veselin (Lincom Europa, 2019-05-16) - Book item
      The article will trace the historical fate of one Roma community, which currently lives in Odessa (Ukraine). The community ancestors have migrated from the then Russian Empire in China during the Civil War (1918-1922) and ...