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    • Beaked whales respond to simulated and actual navy sonar 

      Tyack, Peter L.; Zimmer, Walter M. X.; Moretti, David; Southall, Brandon L.; Claridge, Diane E.; Durban, John W.; Clark, Christopher W.; D'Amico, Angela; DiMarzio, Nancy; Jarvis, Susan; McCarthy, Elena; Morrissey, Ronald; Ward, Jessica; Boyd, Ian L. (2011-03-14) - Journal article
      Beaked whales have mass stranded during some naval sonar exercises, but the cause is unknown. They are difficult to sight but can reliably be detected by listening for echolocation clicks produced during deep foraging ...
    • Killer whales (Orcinus orca) in Iceland show weak genetic structure among diverse isotopic signatures and observed movement patterns 

      Tavares, Sara B.; Samarra, Filipa I. P.; Pascoal, Sonia; Graves, Jeff A.; Miller, Patrick J. O. (2018-12) - Journal article
      Local adaption through ecological niche specialization can lead to genetic structure between and within populations. In the Northeast Pacific, killer whales (Orcinus orca) of the same population have uniform specialized ...
    • Pilot whales attracted to killer whales sounds : acoustically-mediated interspecific interactions in cetaceans 

      Curé, Charlotte; Antunes, Ricardo Nuno; Samarra, Filipa Isabel Pereira; Alves, Ana Catarina De Carvalho; Visser, Fleur; Kvadsheim, Petter H.; Miller, Patrick (2012-12-26) - Journal article
      In cetaceans’ communities, interactions between individuals of different species are often observed in the wild. Yet, due to methodological and technical challenges very little is known about the mediation of these ...