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    • Diamonds from Dachine, French Guiana : a unique record of Early Proterozoic subduction 

      Smith, Chris B.; Walter, Michael J.; Bulanova, Galina P.; Mikhail, Sami; Burnham, Antony D.; Gobbo, Luiz; Kohn, Simon C. (2016-11-15) - Journal article
      Diamonds from Dachine, French Guiana, are unique among worldwide diamond populations. The diamonds were transported to the surface in an unusual ultramafic extrusive magma with an affinity to boninite or komatiite, which ...
    • Emerging biogeochemical views of Earth's ancient microbial worlds 

      Lyons, Timothy W.; Fike, David A.; Zerkle, Aubrey Lea (2015-12-01) - Journal article
      Microbial processes dominate geochemical cycles at and near the Earth’s surface today. Their role was even greater in the past, with microbes being the dominant life form for the first 90% of Earth’s history. Most of their ...