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    • Briefing No 6. Young people, homeownership and the fallacy of choice 

      McKee, Kim (University of St Andrews, 2015-05-20) - Report
    • 'Generation Rent' and the fallacy of choice 

      McKee, Kim; Moore, Tom; Soaita, Adriana; Crawford, Joe (2017-08-21) - Journal article
      The now widely used term ‘Generation Rent’ reflects the growing phenomenon in the UK of young people living in the private rental sector for longer periods of their lives. Given the importance of leaving home in youth ...
    • The impact of splitting up and divorce on housing careers in the UK 

      Feijten, Peteke; Van Ham, Maarten (2010-05-20) - Journal article
      Using 1991-2004 data from the British Household Panel Survey (BHPS) this paper analyses the effect of union dissolution on the occurrence of moves, changes of dwelling type, and the probability of moving out of owner-occupation. ...
    • Inequalities in the transition to homeownership among young people in Scotland 

      Fiori, Francesca; Graham, Elspeth; Feng, Zhiqiang (2019-05-21) - Journal article
      Homeownership levels among young adults in the UK are declining. This paper compares youth transitions to homeownership in Scotland during the 1990s and 2000s by examining the roles of both personal and parental socio-economic ...
    • The meaning of home in Romania : views from urban owner–occupiers 

      Soaita, Adriana Mihaela (2015-03) - Journal article
      The post-communist privatisation of state flats to sitting tenants has transformed Romania into a nation of homeowners; yet its popularity appears perplexing given the poor quality of the stock and disappointing, given ...
    • Young people, homeownership and future welfare 

      McKee, Kim (2012) - Journal article
      Homeownership has become a ‘normalised’ tenure of choice in many advanced economies, with housing playing a pivotal role in shifts from collective to asset-based welfare. Young people are however increasingly being excluded ...