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    • Bayesian methods for hierarchical distance sampling models 

      Oedekoven, Cornelia Sabrina; Buckland, Stephen Terrence; MacKenzie, Monique Lea; King, Ruth; Evans, Kristine; Burger, Wes (2014-06-01) - Journal article
      The few distance sampling studies that use Bayesian methods typically consider only line transect sampling with a half-normal detection function. We present a Bayesian approach to analyse distance sampling data applicable ...
    • Distance sampling with a random scale detection function 

      Oedekoven, C.S.; Laake, J.L.; Skaug, H.J. (2015-12) - Journal article
      Distance sampling was developed to estimate wildlife abundance from observational surveys with uncertain detection in the search area. We present novel analysis methods for estimating detection probabilities that make use ...