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    • Compulsivity in opioid dependence 

      Tolomeo, Serenella; Matthews, Keith; Steele, Douglas; Baldacchino, Alex (2018-02-02) - Journal article
      Objective: This study aimed to investigate the relationship between compulsivity versus impulsivity and structural MRI abnormalities in opioid dependence. Method: We recruited 146 participants: i) patients with a history ...
    • Profiles of visuospatial memory dysfunction in opioid exposed and dependent populations 

      Baldacchino, Alexander Mario; Tolomeo, Serenella; Balfour, David; Matthews, Keith (2018-11-20) - Journal article
      Background . Chronic opioid exposure is common world-wide, but behavioural performance remains under-investigated. This study aimed to investigate visuospatial memory performance in opioid-exposed and dependent clinical ...