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    • Climate change and the deteriorating archaeological and environmental archives of the Arctic 

      Hollesen, Jørgen; Callanan, Martin; Dawson, Tom; Fenger-Nielsen, Rasmus; Friesen, T. Max; Jensen, Anne M.; Markham, Adam; Martens, Vibeke V.; Pitulko, Vladimir V.; Rockman, Marcy (2018-06-27) - Journal article
      The cold, wet climate of the Arctic has led to the extraordinary preservation of archaeological sites and materials that offer important contributions to the understanding of our common cultural and ecological history. ...
    • Community rescue : saving sites from the sea 

      Dawson, Tom (2016-06-20) - Journal article
      Members of local communities can play a crucial role in the management and rescue of information from sites that are threatened with destruction. Using examples from pioneering work in Scotland, this paper discusses a very ...
    • Erosion and coastal archaeology : Evaluating the threat and prioritising action 

      Dawson, Tom (Archeopress, 2013) - Book item
      The archaeology of coastal regions is rich and varied, but is facing increasing pressures from natural processes. Regardless of how the climate may change in the future, many coastal archaeological sites are threatened by ...