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    • General-elimination stability 

      Jacinto, Bruno Miguel; Read, Stephen Louis (2017-04) - Journal article
      General-elimination harmony articulates Gentzen's idea that the elimination-rules are justified if they infer from an assertion no more than can already be inferred from the grounds for making it. Dummett described the ...
    • Population structure of humpback whales in the western and central South Pacific Ocean as determined by vocal exchange among populations 

      Garland, Ellen C.; Goldizen, Anne W.; Lilley, Matthew S.; Rekdahl, Melinda L.; Garrigue, Claire; Constantine, Rochelle; Hauser, Nan Daeschler; Poole, M. Michael; Robbins, Jooke; Noad, Michael J. (2015-08) - Journal article
      For cetaceans, population structure is traditionally determined by molecular genetics or photographically identified individuals. Acoustic data, however, has provided information on movement and population structure with ...