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    • Diving behavior and fine-scale kinematics of free-ranging Risso’s dolphins foraging in shallow and deep-water habitats 

      Arranz, Patricia; Benoit-Bird, Kelly; Friedlaender, Ari S.; Hazen, Elliot L.; Goldbogen, Jeremy A.; Stimpert, Alison K.; De Ruiter, Stacy Lynn; Calambokidis, John; Southall, Brandon; Fahlman, Andreas; Tyack, Peter Lloyd (2019-03-12) - Journal article
      Air-breathing marine predators must balance the conflicting demands of oxygen conservation during breath-hold and the cost of diving and locomotion to capture prey. However, it remains poorly understood how predators ...
    • Evidence suggests vocal production learning in a cross-fostered Risso’s dolphin (Grampus griseus) 

      Favaro, Livio; Neves, Silvana; Furlati, Stefano; Pessani, Daniela; Martin, Vidal; Janik, Vincent M. (2016-07) - Journal article
      Vocal learning is a rare skill in mammals, and we have limited information about the contexts in which they use it. Previous studies suggested that cetaceans in general are skilled at imitating sounds, but only few species ...
    • Risso's dolphins plan foraging dives 

      Arranz, Patricia; Benoit-Bird, Kelly J.; Southall, Brandon L.; Calambokidis, John; Friedlaender, Ari S.; Tyack, Peter L. (2018-02-28) - Journal article
      Humans remember the past and use that information to plan future actions. Lab experiments that test memory for the location of food show that animals have a similar capability to act in anticipation of future needs, but ...