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    • Physical conditions of fast glacier flow : 3. Seasonally-evolving ice deformation on Store Glacier, West Greenland 

      Young, T. J.; Christoffersen, P.; Doyle, S. H.; Nicholls, K. W.; Stewart, C. L.; Hubbard, B.; Hubbard, A.; Lok, L. B.; Brennan, P.; Benn, D. I.; Luckman, A.; Bougamont, M. (2019-01) - Journal article
      Temporal variations in ice sheet flow directly impact the internal structure within ice sheets through englacial deformation. Large‐scale changes in the vertical stratigraphy within ice sheets have been previously conducted ...
    • Utility of 222Rn as a passive tracer of subglacial distributed system drainage 

      Linhoff, Benjamin S.; Charette, Matthew A.; Nienow, Peter W.; Wadham, Jemma L.; Tedstone, Andrew J.; Cowton, Tom (2017-03-15) - Journal article
      Water flow beneath the Greenland Ice Sheet (GrIS) has been shown to include slow-inefficient (distributed) and fast-efficient (channelized) drainage systems, in response to meltwater delivery to the bed via both moulins ...