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    • General-elimination stability 

      Jacinto, Bruno Miguel; Read, Stephen Louis (2017-04) - Journal article
      General-elimination harmony articulates Gentzen's idea that the elimination-rules are justified if they infer from an assertion no more than can already be inferred from the grounds for making it. Dummett described the ...
    • Harmonic inferentialism and the logic of identity 

      Read, Stephen (2016-02-09) - Journal article
      Inferentialism claims that the rules for the use of an expression express its meaning without any need to invoke meanings or denotations for them. Logical inferentialism endorses inferentialism specically for the logical ...
    • The philosophy of logic 

      Read, Stephen (Automatic Press, 2013-11-14) - Book item
    • Proof-theoretic validity 

      Read, Stephen (Oxford University Press, 2015-05-14) - Book item
      The idea of proof-theoretic validity originated in the work of Gerhard Gentzen, when he suggested that the meaning of each logical expression was encapsulated in its introduction-rules, and that the elimination-rules were ...
    • Semantic pollution and syntactic purity 

      Read, Stephen (2015-12) - Journal article
      Logical inferentialism claims that the meaning of the logical constants should be given, not model-theoretically, but by the rules of inference of a suitable calculus. It has been claimed that certain proof-theoretical ...