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    • Galaxy and Mass Assembly (GAMA) : halo formation times and halo assembly bias on the cosmic web 

      Tojeiro, Rita; Eardley, Elizabeth; Peacock, John A.; Norberg, Peder; Alpaslan, Mehmet; Driver, Simon P.; Henriques, Bruno; Hopkins, Andrew M.; Kafle, Prajwal R.; Robotham, Aaron S. G.; Thomas, Peter; Tonini, Chiara; Wild, Vivienne (2017-09-21) - Journal article
      We present evidence for halo assembly bias as a function of geometric environment. By classifying GAMA galaxy groups as residing in voids,sheets, filaments or knots using a tidal tensor method, we find that low-mass haloes ...
    • SDSS-IV MaNGA : the spatial distribution of star formation and its dependence on mass, structure and environment 

      Spindler, Ashley; Wake, David; Belfiore, Francesco; Bershady, Matthew; Bundy, Kevin; Drory, Niv; Masters, Karen; Thomas, Daniel; Westfall, Kyle; Wild, Vivienne (2018-05-01) - Journal article
      We study the spatially resolved star formation of 1494 galaxies in the SDSSIV-MaNGA Survey. SFRs are calculated using a two-step process, using Hα in star forming regions and Dn4000 in regions identified as AGN/LI(N)ER or ...