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    • Freedom and the 'creative act' in the writings of Nikolai Berdiaev : an evaluation in light of Jürgen Moltmann's theology of freedom 

      Scaringi, Paul A. (University of St Andrews, 2008-06-27) - Thesis
      This project revisits the work of Nikolai Berdiaev, one of the first Russian Silver Age religious philosophers to be widely read in the West. The focus of this research is his thought on freedom and the ‘creative act’. ...
    • Freedom as faith 

      Aganey, Diana (University of St Andrews, 2011-06-06) - Thesis
      The belief in free will is something we are entitled to hold despite what determinism says. This notion however cannot be adequately explained or defended by traditional accounts of freedom amongst which, compatibilist and ...
    • Justice and freedom : the continuing promise of the Reformation 

      Schwoebel, Christoph (2017-11-24) - Journal article
      Against the backdrop of the debates on the appropriate understanding of the Reformation in the context of the 500 year anniversary of the Reformation the attempt is made to elaborate the continuing promise of the Reformation ...
    • Metafreedom? The carnivalesque of freedom in a Brazilian favela 

      Lino e Silva, Moises (University of St Andrews, 2012-05-15) - Thesis
      This thesis dwells on the existence of freedom in the life of people in a Brazilian favela (shantytown). The ethnography presents the dance of freedom with the full intensity of a carnivalesque. The exploration also ponders ...
    • "Resurrection city: a theology of improvisation" by Peter Goodwin Heltzel 

      White, Wesley (St Mary's College, University of St Andrews, 2013-12-01) - Book review
      Review of Peter Goodwin Heltzel, Resurrection city: a theology of improvisation (Grand Rapids, Mich.: Wm. B. Eerdmans, 2012)