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    • Surface topology specific metasurface holograms 

      Burch, James; Di Falco, Andrea (2018-05-16) - Journal article
      Metasurface holograms are usually realized on flat surface topologies. Here we show that flexible holographic metasurfaces can be designed to form an image when applied to arbitrary substrate shapes. We demonstrate that ...
    • Synthesis, adsorption and catalysis of large pore metal phosphonates 

      Pearce, Gordon M. (University of St Andrews, 2010-06) - Thesis
      The synthesis and properties of metal phosphonates prepared using piperazine-based bisphosphonic acids have been investigated. The ligands N,N’-piperazinebis(methylenephosphonic acid) (H₄L), and the 2-methyl (H₄L-Me) and ...