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    • Evaluating the impacts of Nitrate Vulnerable Zones on the environment and on farmers’ practices: a Scottish case study 

      Macgregor, Colin; Warren, Charles Raymond (2016) - Journal article
      Nitrate vulnerable zones (NVZs) have been established throughout Europe to tackle diffuse pollution. This research investigates the attitudes and practices of farmers in the River Eden catchment, within the Strathmore and ...
    • Geodiversity in Fife 

      Batchelor, Richard A.; Garton, Rosalind (2018-04-01) - Journal article
    • Incidence of idiopathic intracranial hypertension in Fife 

      Goudie, Colin; Burr, Jennifer; Blaikie, Andrew (2018-11-05) - Journal article
      Background and aims: Idiopathic intracranial hypertension is a clinical syndrome of intracranial hypertension with normal cerebrospinal fluid in the absence of a mass lesion or hydrocephalus on brain imaging. Headache is ...
    • The Reformation in Fife, 1560-1640 

      McCallum, John (University of St Andrews, 2008-11-27) - Thesis
      This thesis traces the establishment and development of a functioning reformed church in the parishes of Fife after the official Reformation of 1560. Based principally on archival sources, especially the records of the ...