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  • Apes have culture but may not know that they do 

    Gruber, Thibaud; Zuberbuehler, Klaus; Clement, Fabrice; van Schaik, Carel (2015-02-06) - Journal article
    There is good evidence that some ape behaviors can be transmitted socially and that this can lead to group-specific traditions. However, many consider animal traditions, including those in great apes, to be fundamentally ...
  • Response of benthic assemblages to multiple stressors : comparative effects of nutrient enrichment and physical disturbance 

    Kenworthy, Joseph M.; Paterson, David M.; Bishop, Melanie J. (2016-12-29) - Journal article
    Stressors to ecological communities often overlap in time and space and may have additive, synergistic or antagonistic effects. Nutrient enrichment and physical disturbance are 2 commonly co-occurring stressors to estuarine ...
  • Why study cognition in the wild (and how to test it)? 

    Pritchard, David James; Hurly, T. Andrew; Tello-Ramos, Maria Cristina; Healy, Susan Denise (2016-01-18) - Journal article
    An animal's behavior is affected by its cognitive abilities, which are, in turn, a consequence of the environment in which an animal has evolved and developed. Although behavioral ecologists have been studying animals in ...