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  • Biological diversity of fish communities : pattern and process 

    Magurran, A. E.; Khachonpisitsak, S.; Ahmad, A. B. (2011-12) - Journal article
    For over 150 years, ecologists have been striving to explain fundamental patterns of biological diversity, such as the observation that communities invariably consist of common and rare species, and to unravel the processes ...
  • The geometric mean of relative abundance indices : a biodiversity measure with a difference 

    Buckland, Stephen Terrence; Studeny, Angelika Caroline; Magurran, Anne; Illian, Janine Baerbel; Newson, Stuart (2011-09-02) - Journal article
    The 2010 Biodiversity Target of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), set in 2002, which stated that there should be ‘a significant reduction of the current rate of biodiversity loss' by 2010, highlighted the need ...