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  • Models of interacting pairs of thin, quasi-geostrophic vortices: steady-state solutions and nonlinear stability 

    Bersanelli, Matteo; Dritschel, David G.; Lancellotti, Carlo; Poje, Andrew C. (2016) - Journal article
    We study pairwise interactions of elliptical quasi-geostrophic vortices as the limiting case of vanishingly thin uniform potential vorticity ellipsoids. In this limit, the product of the vertical extent of the ellipsoid ...
  • Wild attractors and thermodynamic formalism 

    Bruin, Henk; Todd, Michael John (2015-09) - Journal article
    Fibonacci unimodal maps can have a wild Cantor attractor, and hence be Lebesgue dissipative, depending on the order of the critical point. We present a one-parameter family ƒλ of countably piecewise linear unimodal Fibonacci ...