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    • Biosocial selfhood : overcoming the ‘body-social problem’ within the individuation of the human self 

      Higgins, Joe (2018-07) - Journal article
      In a recent paper, Kyselo (2014) argues that an enactive approach to selfhood can overcome ‘the body-social problem’: “the question for philosophy of cognitive science about how bodily and social aspects figure in the ...
    • A phenomenological-enactive theory of the minimal self 

      Welch, Brett (University of St Andrews, 2014-01-30) - Thesis
      The purpose of this project is to argue that we possess a minimal self. It will demonstrate that minimal selfhood arrives early in our development and continues to remain and influence us throughout our entire life. There ...
    • The sensorimotor theory of perceptual experience 

      Silverman, David (University of St Andrews, 2014-12-01) - Thesis
      The sensorimotor theory is an influential, non-mainstream account of perception and perceptual consciousness intended to improve in various ways on orthodox theories. It is often taken to be a variety of enactivism, and ...