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    • Electron mobility in CdO films 

      Farahani, S. K. Vasheghani; Veal, T. D.; King, P. D. C.; Zuniga-Perez, J.; Munoz-Sanjose, V.; McConville, C. F. (2011-04) - Journal article
      Electron mobility in degenerate CdO thin films has been studied as a function of carrier concentration. The "optical" mobility has been determined from infrared reflectance measurements of the conduction band plasmon ...
    • Low-energy electron scattering with the purine bases of DNA/RNA using the R-matrix method 

      Dora, Amar; Bryjko, Lilianna; van Mourik, Tanja; Tennyson, Jonathan (2012-01) - Journal article
      R-matrix calculations on electron collisions with the purine bases found in DNA and RNA (i.e., adenine and guanine) are presented. Resonant anion states of these systems are identified by employing different approximation ...