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    • A petrological assessment of diamond as a recorder of the mantle nitrogen cycle 

      Mikhail, Sami; Howell, Daniel (2016-04-01) - Journal article
      Nitrogen is fundamental to the evolution of Earth and the life it supports, but for reasons poorly understood, it is cosmochemically the most depleted of the volatile elements. The largest reservoir in the bulk silicate ...
    • Plume-lithosphere interaction, and the formation of fibrous diamonds 

      Broadley, M. B.; Kagi, H.; Burgess, R.; Zedgenizov, D.; Mikhail, Sami; Almayrac, M.; Ragozin, A.; Pomazansky, B.; Sumino, H. (2018-10-01) - Journal article
      Fluid inclusions in diamond provide otherwise inaccessible information on the origin and nature of carbonaceous fluid(s) in the mantle. Here we evaluate the role of subducted volatiles in diamond formation within the ...