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  • Depth perception with gaze-contingent depth of field 

    Mauderer, M.; Conte, S.; Nacenta, M.A.; Vishwanath, D. (ACM, 2014-04-26) - Conference item
    Blur in images can create the sensation of depth because it emulates an optical property of the eye; namely, the limited depth of field created by the eye's lens. When the human eye looks at an object, this object appears ...
  • Visual discomfort and depth-of-field 

    O'Hare, Louise; Hibbard, Paul Barry; Zhang, Tingting; Nefs, Harold T. (2013) - Journal article
    Visual discomfort has been reported for certain visual stimuli and under particular viewing conditions, such as stereoscopic viewing. In stereoscopic viewing, visual discomfort can be caused by a conflict between accommodation ...