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    • Data craft: integrating data into daily practices and shared reflections 

      Thudt, Alice; Hinrichs, Uta; Carpendale, Sheelagh (2017-05-07) - Conference paper
      We explore data craft as a means to create mementos that integrate data about personal and shared experiences into people’s everyday lives. Digital mementos, e.g., in form of visualizations, aim to support personal and ...
    • Let’s get physical: promoting data physicalization in workshop formats 

      Huron, Samuel; Gourlet, Pauline; Hinrichs, Uta; Hogan, Trevor; Jansen, Yvonne (ACM, 2017-06-10) - Conference item
      In this pictorial, we present a method to facilitate hands-on physicalization processes during workshops. Data physicalization - encoding data in physical artefacts - allows for new ways to represent and communicate data ...