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    • Enhancing the conductivity of crystalline polymer electrolytes 

      Lilley, Scott J. (University of St Andrews, 2007-11-30) - Thesis
      The AsF₆⁻ anion, in the crystalline polymer electrolyte PEO₆:LiAsF₆, was replaced with the larger N(SO₂CF₃)₂⁻ anion. This produced an increase in the room temperature ionic conductivity of 1.5 orders of magnitude. It is ...
    • Polymer electrolytes : synthesis and characterisation 

      Marański, Krzysztof Jerzy (University of St Andrews, 2013-06-26) - Thesis
      Crystalline polymer/salt complexes can conduct, in contrast to the view held for 30 years. The alpha-phase of the crystalline poly(ethylene oxide)₆:LiPF₆ is composed of tunnels formed from pairs of (CH₂-CH₂-O)ₓ chains, ...