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  • Calibrating animal-borne proximity loggers 

    Rutz, Christian; Morrissey, Michael Blair; Burns, Zackory; Burt, John; Otis, Brian; St Clair, James; James, Richard (2015-06) - Journal article
    1. Growing interest in the structure and dynamics of animal social networks has stimulated efforts to develop automated tracking technologies that can reliably record encounters in free-ranging subjects. A particularly ...
  • Context-dependent 'safekeeping' of foraging tools in New Caledonian crows 

    Klump, Barbara Christina; van der Wal, Jessica Eva Megan; St Clair, James; Rutz, Christian (2015-05-20) - Journal article
    Several animal species use tools for foraging, such as sticks to extract embedded arthropods and honey, or stones to crack open nuts and eggs. While providing access to nutritious foods, these behaviours may incur significant ...
  • Tool bending in New Caledonian crows 

    Rutz, Christian; Sugasawa, Shoko; van der Wal, Jessica Eva Megan; Klump, Barbara Christina; St Clair, James (2016-08) - Journal article
    ‘Betty’ the New Caledonian crow astonished the world, when she ‘spontaneously’ bent straight pieces of garden wire into hooked foraging tools. Recent field experiments have revealed that tool bending is part of the species’ ...