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    • Contemporary poets' responses to science 

      MacKenzie, Victoria R. (University of St Andrews, 2013-11-30) - Thesis
      This thesis considers a range of contemporary poets’ responses to science, emphasising the diversity of these engagements and exploring how poetry can disrupt or re-negotiate the barriers between the two activities. My ...
    • Dark saying: a study of the Jobian dilemma in relation to contemporary ars poetica ; Bedrock: poems 

      Boast, Rachael (University of St Andrews, 2009) - Thesis
      Part I of this thesis has been written with a view to exploring the relevance a text over 2500 years old has for contemporary ars poetica. From a detailed study of ‘The Book of Job’ I highlight three main tropes, ‘cognitive ...
    • In kind : the enactive poem and the co-creative response 

      Errington, Patrick (University of St Andrews, 2019-06-25) - Thesis
      How we approach a poem changes it. Recently, it has been suggested that one readerly approach – a bodily orientation characterised by distance, suspicion, and resistance – risks becoming reflexive, pre-conscious, and ...