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    • Building careers, managing capitals 

      Flynn, Emma (University of St Andrews, 2015-06) - Thesis
      I sought to find out whether this was a tension between artistic and commercial in the career of visual artists, and if so, how this tension was managed. In attempting to uncover information which could address the ...
    • Inherent pedagogies : critical approaches to exhibition making in the 2000s 

      González Rueda, Ana Sol (University of St Andrews, 2019-06-27) - Thesis
      Since 2010, the discussion about the relation between curating and education has revolved around Paul O’Neill and Mick Wilson’s proposition of the ‘educational turn’. This term mainly refers to the shift from the peripheral, ...
    • Park fiction - a participatory artistic park project 

      Rühse, Viola (School of Art History, University of St Andrews, 2014-07-08) - Journal article
      The extraordinary green recreational area Park Fiction was proposed, planned, and established by a group of artists, residents, and local institutions in Hamburg from 1994 until 2005. The project was financially supported ...
    • Post-digital audience engagement activity in and across visual arts and publishing 

      Preston, Louisa (University of St Andrews, 2019-06-28) - Thesis
      This thesis conceptualises post-digital audience engagement activity in activity settings across visual arts and publishing. The research question is: how is audience engagement activity understood in and across publishing ...
    • The routine art 

      Rider, Alistair (Open Editions, 2016-04-19) - Book item
      This essay examines a trend within contemporary art, in which artists make their lifestyle or a specific ongoing activity as significant as any completed work of art that they might produce.
    • Theology and contemporary visual art : making dialogue possible 

      Worley, Taylor (University of St Andrews, 2010-06-22) - Thesis
      Within the field of theological aesthetics, this project assesses the divide between theological accounts of art and the re-emergence of religious imagery in modern and contemporary art. More specifically, American Protestant ...