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    • Primate brain anatomy : new volumetric MRI measurements for neuroanatomical studies 

      Navarrete, Ana F.; Blezer, Erwin L.A.; Pagnotta, Murillo; de Viet, Elizabeth S.M.; Todorov, Orlin S.; Lindenfors, Patrik; Laland, Kevin N.; Reader, Simon M. (2018-07) - Journal article
      Since the publication of the primate brain volumetric dataset of Stephan and colleagues in the early 1980s, no major new comparative datasets covering multiple brain regions and a large number of primate species have become ...
    • A test of the submentalizing hypothesis : apes' performance in a false belief task inanimate control 

      Krupenye, Christopher; Kano, Fumihiro; Hirata, Satoshi; Call, Josep; Tomasello, Michael (2017-09) - Journal article
      Much debate concerns whether any nonhuman animals share with humans the ability to infer others' mental states, such as desires and beliefs. In a recent eye-tracking false-belief task, we showed that great apes correctly ...