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    • Social play as joint action : a framework to study the evolution of shared intentionality as an interactional achievement 

      Heesen, Raphaela; Genty, Emilie; Rossano, Federico; Zuberbühler, Klaus; Bangerter, Adrian (2017-12) - Journal article
      Social play has a complex, cooperative nature that requires substantial coordination. This has led researchers to use social games to study cognitive abilities like shared intentionality, the skill and motivation to share ...
    • What, where and when : deconstructing memory 

      Marshall, Rachael; Hurly, T.Andrew; Sturgeon, Jenny; Shuker, David Michael; Healy, Susan Denise (2013-12-07) - Journal article
      The ability of animals to remember the what, where and when of a unique past event is used as an animal equivalent to human episodic memory. We currently view episodic memory as reconstructive, with an event being remembered ...