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    • Child Health and Migrant Parents in South-East Asia 

      Graham, Elspeth; Yeoh, Brenda S. A.; University of St Andrews. Geography & Sustainable Development (2013-12) - Journal item
    • Pädiatrische versorgungskonzepte in Europa 

      Weber, Martin W; Backhaus, Sophia; Chukwujama, Obiora; Fenski, Friederike; Henking, Christoph; Schatte, Laura; Aleman-Diaz, Aixa Y (2018-01-19) - Journal article
      To promote children’s health in Europe, the World Health Organization (WHO) developed the European child and adolescent health strategy 2015–2020, which is supported and will be implemented by all Member States (MS). In ...
    • Task sharing within a managed clinical network to improve child health in Malawi 

      O'Hare, Bernadette Ann-Marie; Phiri, Ajib; Lang, Hans-Joerg; Friesen, Hanny; Kennedy, Neil; Kawaza, Kondwani; Jana, Collins E.; Mulwafu, Wakisa; Heikens, Geert T.; Mipando, Mwapatsa (2015-07-21) - Journal article
      Background Eighty per cent of Malawi’s 8 million children live in rural areas, and there is an extensive tiered health system infrastructure from village health clinics to district hospitals which refers patients to one ...
    • Transition from paediatric to adult health services in Scotland for young people with cerebral palsy 

      Wright, Alice Elisabeth; Robb, James; Shearer, Morven Caroline (2016-06) - Journal article
      Transition from paediatric to adult health-care services has been characterized as being poorly planned and coordinated, resulting in a reduction in services and may be distressing for families. This study aimed to establish ...