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    • Human urinary exosomes in bladder cancer patients : properties, concentrations and possible clinical application 

      Riches, Andrew Clive; Powis, Simon John; Mullen, Peter; Harrison, David James; Hacker, Christian; Lucocq, John Milton; Bowness, James Simeon; Chapman, Alex; Cameron, Ruth; McLornan, Liz; Chinn, David John; Leung, Steve (2015-12-11) - Journal article
      OBJECTIVE: High grade bladder cancer is extremely aggressive. Early detection is thus an important challenge. De- velopment of non-invasive diagnostic tools particularly using urine samples could be of importance in the ...
    • Modulated Raman spectroscopy for enhanced cancer diagnosis at the cellular level 

      De Luca, Anna Chiara; Dholakia, Kishan; Mazilu, Michael (2015-06) - Journal item
      Raman spectroscopy is emerging as a promising and novel biophotonics tool for non-invasive, real-time diagnosis of tissue and cell abnormalities. However, the presence of a strong fluorescence background is a key issue ...
    • Modulated Raman spectroscopy for enhanced identification of bladder tumor cells in urine samples 

      Canetta, Elisabetta; Mazilu, Michael; De Luca, Anna Chiara; Carruthers, Antonia Erika; Dholakia, Kishan; Neilson, Sam; Sargeant, Harry; Briscoe, Tina; Herrington, C Simon; Riches, Andrew Clive (2011-03) - Journal article
      Standard Raman spectroscopy (SRS) is a noninvasive technique that is used in the biomedical field to discriminate between normal and cancer cells. However, the presence of a strong fluorescence background detracts from the ...