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    • Emerging biogeochemical views of Earth's ancient microbial worlds 

      Lyons, Timothy W.; Fike, David A.; Zerkle, Aubrey Lea (2015-12-01) - Journal article
      Microbial processes dominate geochemical cycles at and near the Earth’s surface today. Their role was even greater in the past, with microbes being the dominant life form for the first 90% of Earth’s history. Most of their ...
    • Influence of glaciation on mechanisms of mineral weathering in two high Arctic catchments 

      Hindshaw, Ruth; Heaton, Tim H.E.; Boyd, Eric S.; Lindsay, Melody L.; Tipper, Edward Thomas (2016-01-20) - Journal article
      Abstract In order to investigate the effect of glaciation on mineral weathering, the stream water chemistry and the bacterial community composition were analysed in two catchments containing nominally identical sedimentary ...
    • Temperature driven changes in benthic bacterial diversity influences biogeochemical cycling in coastal sediments 

      Hicks, Natalie; Liu, Xuan; Gregory, Richard; Kenny, John; Lucaci, Anita; Lenzi, Luca; Paterson, David M.; Duncan, Katherine R. (2018-08-22) - Journal article
      Marine sediments are important sites for global biogeochemical cycling, mediated by macrofauna and microalgae. However, it is the microorganisms that drive these key processes. There is strong evidence that coastal benthic ...