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    • Big and broad social data and the sociological imagination : A collaborative response 

      Housley, William; Procter, Rob; Edwards, Adam; Burnap, Peter; Williams, Matthew; Sloan, Luke; Rana, Omer; Morgan, Jeffrey; Voss, Alexander; Greenhill, Anita (2014-08-05) - Journal article
      In this paper, we reflect on the disciplinary contours of contemporary sociology, and social science more generally, in the age of 'big and broad' social data. Our aim is to suggest how sociology and social sciences may ...
    • BigExcel : a web-based framework for exploring big data in Social Sciences 

      Saleem, Muhammed Asif; Varghese, Blesson; Barker, Adam (IEEE Computer Society, 2015-01-07) - Conference item
      This paper argues that there are three fundamental challenges that need to be overcome in order to foster the adoption of big data technologies in non-computer science related disciplines: addressing issues of accessibility ...
    • Geospatial big data and cartography : research challenges and opportunities for making maps that matter 

      Robinson, Anthony C.; Demsar, Urska; Moore, Antoni B.; Buckley, Aileen; Jiang, Bin; Field, Kenneth; Kraak, Menno-Jan; Camboim, Silvana P; Sluter, Claudia R (2017) - Journal article
      Geospatial big data present a new set of challenges and opportunities for cartographic researchers in technical, methodological, and artistic realms. New computational and technical paradigms for cartography are accompanying ...
    • Mining human prostate cancer datasets : the “camcAPP” shiny app 

      Dunning, Mark J.; Vowler, Sarah L.; Lalonde, Emilie; Ross-Adams, Helen; Boutros, Paul; Mills, Ian G.; Lynch, Andy G.; Lamb, Alastair D. (2017-03) - Journal item