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    • Analysis of Stanley Hauerwas' theology in post-Umbrella Movement Hong Kong 

      Chu, Ann Gillian (2018-03-02) - Conference paper
      This paper analyses Stanley Hauerwas’ theology in terms of how Christian ethics inform acts of civil disobedience. Before presenting its argument, this analysis first provides a working definition of the Christian view of ...
    • Analytic theology as systematic theology 

      Crisp, Oliver D. (2017-04-03) - Journal article
      It is often said that analytic theology is not really systematic theology; it is something else entirely. However, specifying what this “something else” amounts to has proven a little more difficult. In this article I argue ...
    • Atonement at the right hand: the sacrificial significance of Jesus’ exaltation in Acts 

      Moffitt, David M. (2016-10) - Journal article
      Luke-Acts is strangely silent regarding the sacrificial significance of Jesus’ crucifixion. Curiously, too, Acts more closely links the salvific benefits that Jesus provides with his resurrection and exaltation than with ...
    • Beyond existentialism: Kierkegaard on the human relationship with the God who is wholly other 

      Torrance, Andrew Bartholomew (2014-07-09) - Journal article
      Recent scholarship argues that, for Kierkegaard, God's absolute alterity is a consequence of sin that is overcome by the redemptive activity of Jesus Christ. On such a reading, the work of Christ delivers individuals to ...
    • Can Punishment Bring Peace? Penal Substitution Revisited 

      Holmes, Stephen Ralph (2005-02) - Journal article
    • Classical trinitarianism and eternal functional subordination : some historical and dogmatic reflections 

      Holmes, Stephen R. (2017-07-11) - Journal article
      Within Anglophone evangelical theology and church life there has been much debate in recent months over the idea of ‘eternal functional subordination’ (EFS) or ‘eternal relationships of authority and submission’ (ERAS). ...
    • First image revisited: human nature, original sin and international relations 

      Paipais, Vassilios (2016-09-20) - Journal article
      In Waltz’s famous classification, human nature’s propensity to evil is catalogued as a first-image causal explanation of war. Ever since, human nature explanations of conflict have been attacked for resting on metaphysical ...
    • The Gothic Bologna fragments in context 

      Wolfe, Brendan (Centre de linguistique et des sciences du langage, Université de Lausanne, 2016) - Book item
      The Bologna Fragments’ language of attestation suggests a link to the Homoianism espoused by Wulfila and the Gothic kingdoms. This paper offers a brief treatment of the Homoian movement to deter misconceptions and differentiate ...
    • Hope deferred? Against the dogma of delay 

      Wright, N. T. (2018-03-01) - Journal article
      Die immer noch anzutreffende Auffassung, Jesus und seine Jünger hätten ein baldiges ,,Ende der Welt" erwartet, basiert auf einer falschen Interpretation der relevanten antiken Texte, zu der Johannes Weiß und Albert Schweitzer ...
    • Humans, aliens, and the big ethical questions 

      Sachs, Ben (2018-06-01) - Journal item
      What happens when an astro-biologist, a theologian, a political theorist and a philosopher discuss the ethics of human–alien encounters? Ben Sachs reports.
    • The ill-made knight and the stain on the soul 

      Rea, Michael Cannon (2019-03-17) - Journal article
      One of the main tasks for an account of the Christian doctrine of the atonement is to explain how and in what ways the salvifically relevant work of Christ heals the damage wrought by human sin on our souls, our relationships ...
    • Jesus’ heavenly sacrifice in early Christian reception of Hebrews : a survey 

      Moffitt, David M. (2017-04) - Journal article
      Modern readings of Hebrews tend to reduce the text’s language of Jesus’ sacrificial offering to the event of his crucifixion. In a recent book, Atonement and the Logic of Resurrection in the Epistle to the Hebrews, I argue ...
    • Kierkegaard on the Christian response to the God who establishes kinship with us in time 

      Torrance, Andrew Bartholomew (2016-01) - Journal article
      When reading through certain areas of Kierkegaard’s writings, there is room to misinterpret his vision of Christianity as being grounded solely in a person’s subjective commitment to her own idea of what Christianity is. ...
    • Of freedom and human agency : an analysis of Luther's and Gutiérrez's understanding 

      Chu, Ann Gillian (2019-06-01) - Journal article
      The primary difference between Martin Luther’s and Gustavo Gutiérrez’s understanding of freedom lies in each theologian’s views on human agency. Luther emphasises God’s agency in order to demonstrate human helplessness and ...
    • Original sin, the Fall, and epistemic self-trust 

      Rutledge, Jonathan Curtis (2018-03-27) - Journal article
      In this paper, I argue that no strong doctrine of the Fall can undermine the propriety of epistemic self-trust. My argument proceeds by introducing a common type of philosophical methodology, known as reflective equilibrium. ...
    • The origins of Pauline theology : paratexts and Priscillian of Avila’s Canons on the Letters of the Apostle Paul 

      Lang, T.J.; Crawford, Matthew R. (2017-01) - Journal article
      Pauline theology is a well-established undertaking in modern New Testament studies, and yet it is almost entirely without precedent prior to the nineteenth century. This article explores the enterprise of Pauline theology ...
    • The parent analogy: a reassessment 

      Rutledge, Jonathan (2017-08) - Journal article
      According to the parent analogy, as a caretaker’s goodness, ability and intelligence increase, the likelihood that the caretaker will make arrangements for the attainment of future goods that are unnoticed or underappreciated ...
    • Perspectival Skeptical Theism 

      Rutledge, Jonathan Curtis (2019-05-01) - Journal article
      Skeptical theists have paid insufficient attention to non-evidential components of epistemic rationality. I address this lacuna by constructing an alternative perspectivalist understanding of epistemic rationality and ...
    • Purgatory, hypertime, and temporal experience 

      Rutledge, Jonathan Curtis (2018-07-19) - Journal article
      Recently, JT Turner has argued that proponents of temporally-extended models of purgatory (henceforth, temps) are committed to denying the doctrine of the parousia. Such persons typically argue that temporally-extended ...
    • Putting hell first : cruelty, historicism, and the missing moral theory of damnation 

      Perry, John (2016-02) - Journal article
      Recent work on the morality of hell spans the various subdisciplines of theology, with the ironic exception of theological ethics. An adequate defence of hell requires a positive account of how God’s eternally tormenting ...