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    • A comparison of gridded sea surface temperature datasets for marine ecosystem studies 

      Boehme, Lars; Lonergan, Mike; Todd, Christopher David (2014-12-03) - Journal article
      In assessing impacts of a changing environment on the structure and functioning of marine ecosystems, the challenge remains to distinguish the effects of noise and of temporal and spatial autocorrelation from environmental ...
    • Estimating seasonal abundance of a central place forager using counts and telemetry data 

      Sharples, RJ; MacKenzie, Monique Lea; Hammond, Philip Steven (2009) - Journal article
      Obtaining population estimates of species that are not easily observed directly can be problematic. However, central place foragers can often be observed some of the time, e.g. when seals are hauled out. In these instances, ...
    • Random coeffcient models for complex longitudinal data 

      Kidney, Darren (University of St Andrews, 2014-06-27) - Thesis
      Longitudinal data are common in biological research. However, real data sets vary considerably in terms of their structure and complexity and present many challenges for statistical modelling. This thesis proposes a series ...