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    • Adaptive suicide : is a kin-selected driver of fatal behaviours likely? 

      Humphreys, Rosalind K.; Ruxton, Graeme D. (2019-02-27) - Journal item
      While several manipulated host behaviours are accepted as extended phenotypes of parasites, there remains debate over whether other altered behaviours in hosts following parasitic invasion represent cases of parasite ...
    • The Astrobiology Primer v2.0 

      Domagal-Goldman, Shawn D.; Wright, Katherine E.; Adamala, Katarzyna; De La Rubia, Leigh Arina; Bond, Jade; Dartnell, Lewis R.; Goldman, Aaron D.; Lynch, Kennda; Naud, Marie Eve; Paulino-Lima, Ivan G.; Singer, Kelsi; Walter-Antonio, Marina; Abrevaya, Ximena C.; Anderson, Rika; Arney, Giada; Atri, Dimitra; Azuá-Bustos, Armando; Bowman, Jeff S.; Brazelton, William J.; Brennecka, Gregory A.; Carns, Regina; Chopra, Aditya; Colangelo-Lillis, Jesse; Crockett, Christopher J.; De Marines, Julia; Frank, Elizabeth A.; Frantz, Carie; De La Fuente, Eduardo; Galante, Douglas; Glass, Jennifer; Gleeson, Damhnait; Glein, Christopher R.; Goldblatt, Colin; Horak, Rachel; Horodyskyj, Lev; Kaçar, Betül; Kereszturi, Akos; Knowles, Emily; Mayeur, Paul; McGlynn, Shawn; Miguel, Yamila; Montgomery, Michelle; Neish, Catherine; Noack, Lena; Rugheimer, Sarah; Stüeken, Eva E.; Tamez-Hidalgo, Paulina; Walker, Sara Imari; Wong, Teresa (2016-08-01) - Journal article
    • Growth, viability, and death of planktonic and biofilm Sphingomonas desiccabilis in simulated martian brines 

      Stevens, Adam H.; Childers, Delma; Fox-Powell, Mark; Nicholson, Natasha; Jhoti, Elisha; Cockell, Charles S. (2019-01-02) - Journal article
      Aqueous solutions on Mars are theorized to contain very different ion compositions than those on Earth. To determine the effect of such solutions on typical environmental micro-organisms, which could be released from robotic ...
    • Spectral fingerprints of Earth-like planets around FGK stars 

      Rugheimer, Sarah; Kaltenegger, Lisa; Zsom, Andras; Segura, Antígona; Sasselov, Dimitar (2013-03-28) - Journal article
      We present model atmospheres for an Earth-like planet orbiting the entire grid of main sequence FGK stars with effective temperatures ranging from T eff=4250 K to Teff=7000 K in 250 K intervals. We have modeled the remotely ...
    • Treating hummingbirds as feathered bees : a case of ethological cross-pollination 

      Pritchard, D. J.; Tello Ramos, M. C.; Muth, F.; Healy, S. D. (2017-12) - Journal item
      Hummingbirds feed from hundreds of flowers every day. The properties of these flowers provide these birds with a wealth of information about colour, space and time to guide how they forage. To understand how hummingbirds ...