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    • A critical review of the literature on population modelling 

      Cabrelli, Abigail; Harwood, John; Matthiopoulos, Jason; New, Leslie Frances; Thomas, Len (University of St Andrews, 2009) - Report
      The 2005 report of the National Research Council’s ‘Committee on Characterizing Biologically Significant Marine Mammal Behavior’ proposed a framework, which they called PCAD - Population Consequences of Acoustic Disturbance, ...
    • First direct measurements of behavioural responses by Cuvier's beaked whales to mid-frequency active sonar 

      De Ruiter, Stacy Lynn; Southall, Brandon L.; Calambokidis, John; Zimmer, Walter M. X.; Sadykova, Dinara; Falcone, Erin A.; Friedlaender, Ari S.; Joseph, John E.; Moretti, David; Schorr, Gregory S.; Thomas, Len; Tyack, Peter Lloyd (2013) - Journal article
      Most marine mammal­ strandings coincident with naval sonar exercises have involved Cuvier's beaked whales (Ziphius cavirostris). We recorded animal movement and acoustic data on two tagged Ziphius and obtained the first ...
    • Responses of bottlenose dolphins and harbor porpoises to impact and vibration piling noise during harbor construction 

      Graham, Isla; Pirotta, Enrico; Merchant, Nathan; Farcas, Adrian; Barton, Tim; Cheney, Barbara; Hastie, Gordon D.; Thompson, Paul (2017-05) - Journal article
      The development of risk assessments for the exposure of protected populations to noise from coastal construction is constrained by uncertainty over the nature and extent of marine mammal responses to man-made noise. ...