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    • The Haptic Touch toolkit : enabling exploration of haptic interactions 

      Ledo, David; Nacenta, Miguel; Marquardt, Nicolai; Boring, Sebastian; Greenberg, Saul (ACM, 2012-02-19) - Conference item
      In the real world, touch based interaction relies on haptic feedback (e.g., grasping objects, feeling textures). Unfortunately, such feedback is absent in current tabletop systems. The previously developed Haptic Tabletop ...
    • Seastar: a comprehensive framework for telemetry data in HPC environments 

      Weidner, Ole; Barker, Adam David; Atkinson, Malcolm (ACM, 2017-06-27) - Conference item
      A large number of 2nd generation high-performance computing applications and services rely on adaptive and dynamic architectures and execution strategies to run efficiently,resiliently, and at scale on today’s HPC ...