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  • Convectively induced shear instability in large amplitude internal solitary waves 

    Carr, Magda; Fructus, D; Grue, J; Jensen, A; Davies, P A (2008-12) - Journal article
    Laboratory study has been carried out to investigate the instability of an internal solitary wave of depression in a shallow stratified fluid system. The experimental campaign has been supported by theoretical computations ...
  • Instability in internal solitary waves with trapped cores 

    Carr, Magda; King, Stuart Edward; Dritschel, David Gerard (2012-01) - Journal article
    A numerical method that employs a combination of contour advection and pseudo-spectral techniques is used to investigate instability in internal solitary waves with trapped cores. A three-layer configuration for the ...
  • Strong interaction between two co-rotating vortices in rotating and stratified flows. 

    Bambrey, Ross R. (University of St Andrews, 2007) - Thesis
    In this study we investigate the interactions between two co-rotating vortices. These vortices are subject to rapid rotation and stable stratification such as are found in planetary atmospheres and oceans. By conducting ...