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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2007Responses of hyperthermophilic crenarchaea to UV irradiationGotz, Dorothee; Paytubi, Sonia; Munro, Stacey; Lundgren, Magnus; Bernander, Rolf; White, Malcolm F.Journal article
May-2012The role of endosymbionts in the evolution of haploid-male genetic systems in scale insects (Coccoidea)Ross, Laura; Shuker, David Michael; Normark, Benjamin B.; Pen, IdoJournal article
Sep-2012Runaway sexual selection without genetic correlations : social environments and flexible mate choice initiate and enhance the Fisher processBailey, Nathan William; Moore, Allen J.Journal article
1-Jun-2010The Scottish Structural Proteomics Facility : targets, methods and outputsOke, M; Carter, LG; Johnson, KA; Liu, H; McMahon, SA; Yan, X; Kerou, M; Weikart, ND; Kadi, N; Sheikh, MA; Schmelz, S; Dorward, M; Zawadzki, M; Cozens, C; Falconer, H; Powers, H; Overton, IM; van Niekerk, CA; Peng, X; Patel, P; Garrett, RA; Prangishvili, D; Botting, CH; Coote, PJ; Dryden, DT; Barton, GJ; Schwarz-Linek, Uli; Challis, GL; Taylor, GL; White, MF; Naismith, JHJournal article
10-Aug-2009Selection of reference genes for expression studies with fish myogenic cell culturesBower, Neil I.; Johnston, Ian A.Journal article
Feb-2014Single-molecule characterization of Fen1 and Fen1/PCNA complexes acting on flap substratesCraggs, Timothy David; Brenlla, Alfonso; Hutton, Richard David; White, Malcolm F; Penedo, CarlosJournal article
Aug-2015Structural basis for the RING-catalyzed synthesis of K63-linked ubiquitin chainsBranigan, Emma; Plechanovov√°, Anna; Jaffray, Ellis; Naismith, Jim; Hay, Ronald ThomasJournal article
1-Jun-2013Structure of a dimeric crenarchaeal Cas6 enzyme with an atypical active site for CRISPR RNA processingReeks, Judith; Sokolowski, Richard D.; Graham, Shirley; Liu, Huanting; Naismith, James H.; White, Malcolm F.Journal article
Sep-2012Surviving in a toxic world : transcriptomics and gene expression profiling in response to environmental pollution in the critically endangered European eelPujolar, Jose Martin; Marino, Ilaria A M; Milan, Massimo; Coppe, Alessandro; Maes, Gregory E; Capoccioni, Fabrizio; Ciccotti, Eleonora; Bervoets, Lieven; Covaci, Adrian; Belpaire, Claude; Cramb, Gordon; Patarnello, Tomaso; Bargelloni, Luca; Bortoluzzi, Stefania; Zane, LorenzoJournal article
Nov-2010Targeted rapid amplification of cDNA ends (T-RACE)-an improved RACE reaction through degradation of non-target sequencesBower, Neil I.; Johnston, Ian A.Journal article
7-May-2009Targeting mitotic chromosomes : a conserved mechanism to ensure viral genome persistenceFeeney, Katherine Martha; Parish, Joanna LouiseJournal article
Jul-2008TarO : a target optimisation system for structural biologyOverton, I M; van Niekerk, C A; Carter, L G; Dawson, A; Martin, D M; Cameron, S; McMahon, S A; White, Malcolm F; Hunter, W N; Naismith, Jim; Barton, G JJournal article
Mar-2012Tissue type is a major modifier of the 5-hydroxymethylcytosine content of human genesNestor, Colm E.; Ottaviano, Raffaele; Reddington, James; Sproul, Duncan; Reinhardt, Diana; Dunican, Donncha; Katz, Elad; Dixon, J. Michael; Harrison, David James; Meehan, Richard R.Journal article
1-Feb-2013Tissue-specific transcriptomics in the field cricket Teleogryllus oceanicusBailey, Nathan William; Veltsos, Paris; Tan, Yew-Foon; Millar, A. Harvey; Ritchie, Michael Gordon; Simmons, Leigh W.Journal article
Jul-2013TMA Navigator: network inference, patient stratification and survival analysis with tissue microarray dataLubbock, Alexander L. R.; Katz, Elad; Harrison, David J.; Overton, Ian M.Journal article
14-Jun-2010Transcriptional regulation of the IGF signaling pathway by amino acids and insulin-like growth factors during myogenesis in Atlantic salmonBower, Neil I.; Johnston, Ian A.Journal article
17-Sep-2014Transcriptome of the deep-sea black scabbardfish, Aphanopus carbo (Perciformes: Trichiuridae) : tissue-specific expression patterns and candidate genes associated to depth adaptationStefanni, S.; Bettencourt, R.; Monsanto Pinheiro, Miguel; De Moro, G.; Bongiorni, L.; Pallavicini, A.Journal article
19-Jul-2013The transcriptomic basis of oviposition behaviour in the parasitoid wasp Nasonia vitripennisPannebakker, Bart A.; Trivedi, Urmi; Blaxter, Mark A.; Watt, Rebekah; Shuker, David MichaelJournal article
6-Feb-2008An update on MyoD evolution in teleosts and a proposed consensus nomenclature to accommodate the tetraploidization of different vertebrate genomesMacqueen, Daniel J.; Johnston, Ian A.Journal article
2015Whole genome investigation of a divergent clade of the pathogen Streptococcus suisBaig, Abiyad; Weinert, Lucy A; Peters, Sarah E; Howell, Kate J; Chaudhuri, Roy R; Wang, Jinhong; Holden, Matthew T G; Parkhill, Julian; Langford, Paul R; Rycroft, Andrew N; Wren, Brendan W; Tucker, Alexander W; Maskell, Duncan JJournal article
Showing results 88 to 107 of 107
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