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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
26-Jan-2015Uncovering the mechanism of homogeneous methyl methacrylate formation with P,N chelating ligands and palladium : favored reaction channels and selectivitiesCrawford, Luke; Cole-Hamilton, David John; Buehl, MichaelJournal article
21-Jun-2015Understanding ferroelectricity in layered perovskites : new ideas and insights from theory and experimentsBenedek, Nicole; Rondinelli, James; Djani, Hania; Lightfoot, Philip; Ghosez, PhilippeJournal article
2015Understanding of CO2 electrochemical reduction reaction process via high temperature solid oxide electrolysersYue, Xiangling; Irvine, John Thomas SirrConference item
21-Nov-2014Understanding the adsorption mechanism of noble gases Kr and Xe in CPO-27-Ni, CPO-27-Mg, and ZIF-8Magdysyuk, O V; Adams, F; Liermann, H-P; Spanopoulos, I; Trikalitis, P N; Hirscher, M; Morris, R E; Duncan, M J; McCormick, L J; Dinnebier, R EJournal article
17-Feb-2015Unexpected rearrangement during the gas-phase dehalogenation approach to benzodithiophenesAitken, R Alan; Oyewale, Adebayo OJournal article
24-Feb-2014Uniting cheminformatics and chemical theory to predict the intrinsic aqueous solubility of crystalline druglike moleculesMcDonagh, James; Nath, Neetika; De Ferrari, Luna; van Mourik, Tanja; Mitchell, John B. O.Journal article
2015Unprecedented strongly panchromic absorption from proton switchable iridium(III) azoimidazolate complexesHenwood, Adam Francis; Hu, Yue; Sajjad, Muhammad Tariq; Thalluri, Venkata Visveswara Gopala Krishna; Ghosh, Sanjay Sanatan; Cordes, David Bradford; Slawin, Alexandra Martha Zoya; Samuel, Ifor David William; Robertson, Neil; Zysman-Colman, EliJournal article
8-May-2015Unraveling the specific regulation of the mdb central pathway for the anaerobic degradation of 3-methylbenzoateJuárez, Javier F; Liu, Huixiang; Zamarro, Maria T; McMahon, Stephen; Liu, Huanting; Naismith, Jim; Eberlein, Christian; Boll, Matthias; Carmona, Manuel; Diaz, EduardoJournal article
5-Aug-2013Unusual Phase Behavior in the Piezoelectric Perovskite System, LixNa1-xNbO3Peel, Martin; Ashbrook, Sharon Elizabeth Marie; Lightfoot, PhilipJournal article
11-Dec-2014The use of the sterically demanding IPr∗ and related ligands in catalysisIzquierdo, F.; Manzini, S.; Nolan, S.P.Journal article
2-Apr-2009V-51 NMR chemical shifts calculated from QM/MM models of peroxo forms of vanadium haloperoxidasesGeethalakshmi, K. R.; Waller, Mark P.; Thiel, Walter; Buehl, MichaelJournal article
15-Dec-2015V2O2F4(H2O)2·H2O: a new V4+ layer structure related to VOF3Black, Cameron; Lightfoot, PhilipJournal article
2-Oct-2006The vicinal difluoro motif : the synthesis and conformation of erythro- and threo-diastereoisomers of 1,2-difluorodiphenylethanes, 2,3-difluorosuccinic acids and their derivativesO'Hagan, David; Rzepa, Henry S.; Schuler, Martin; Slawin, Alexandra M. Z.Journal article
May-2015Vogel-Fulcher analysis of relaxor dielectrics with the tetragonal tungsten bronze structure : Ba6MNb9O30 (M = Ga, Sc, In)Rotaru, Andrei; Morrison, FinlayJournal article
2015Water based scale-up of CPO-27 synthesis for nitric oxide deliveryCattaneo, Damiano; Warrender, Stewart James; Duncan, Morven Jane; Morris, Russell Edward; Castledine, Richard; Parkinson, Nigel; Haley, IanJournal article
2013Weak Te,Te interactions through the looking glass of NMR spin-spin couplingBuehl, Michael; Knight, Fergus Ross; Kristkova, Anezka; Ondik, Irina; Malkina, Olga; Randall, Rebecca Amy Michele; Slawin, Alexandra Martha Zoya; Woollins, J DerekJournal article
2015Wetting and interactions of Ag–Cu–Ti and Ag–Cu–Ni alloys with ceramic and steel substrates for use as sealing materials in a DCFC stackTriantafyllou, Georgios; Irvine, John Thomas SirrJournal article
27-Jan-2016What can electron microscopy tell us beyond crystal structures?Zhou, Wuzong; Greer, Heather FrancesJournal item
Mar-2015What can NMR spectroscopy of selenoureas and phosphinidenes teach us about the π-accepting abilities of N-heterocyclic carbenes?Vummaleti, Sai V. C.; Nelson, David James; Poater, Albert; Gomez Suarez, Adrian; Cordes, David Bradford; Slawin, Alexandra Martha Zoya; Nolan, Steven Patrick; Cavallo, LuigiJournal article
29-Dec-2015Why do sequence signatures predict enzyme mechanism? Homology versus ChemistryBeattie, Kirsten; De Ferrari, Luna; Mitchell, John B. O.Journal article
Showing results 450 to 469 of 474
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