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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
7-May-2015Rapid and simple preparation of remarkably stable binary nanoparticle planet–satellite assembliesBorsley, Stefan; Flook, Sarah; Kay, Euan RobertJournal article
2015Rapid Asymmetric Transfer Hydroformylation (ATHF) of disubstituted alkenes using paraformaldehyde as a syngas surrogateFuentes García, José Antonio; Pittaway, Rachael; Clarke, MattJournal article
Jun-2015Rate and equilibrium constants for the addition of N-Heterocyclic Carbenes into benzaldehydes : a remarkable 2-substituent effectCollett, Christopher John; Massey, Richard S; Taylor, James Edward; Maguire, Oliver R; O'Donoghue, AnnMarie C; Smith, Andrew DavidJournal article
2013Re-entrant structural phase transition in a frustrated kagome magnet, Rb2SnCu3F12Downie, Lewis J.; Thompson, Stephen P.; Tang, Chiu C.; Parsons, Simon; Lightfoot, PhilipJournal article
2014Recent developments in solid-state NMR spectroscopy of crystalline microporous materialsAshbrook, Sharon E.; Dawson, Daniel M.; Seymour, Valerie R.Journal article
14-Mar-2015Regiodivergent Lewis base-promoted O- to C-carboxyl transfer of furanyl carbonatesCampbell, Craig Donald; Joannesse, Caroline; Morrill, Louis Christian; Philpa, Douglas; Smith, Andrew DavidJournal article
21-Mar-2013Remarkable transition from rocksalt/perovskite layered structure to fluorite/rocksalt layered structure in rapidly cooled Ln2CuO4Patabendige, Chami Nilasha Kahakachchi; Azad, Abul Kalam; Connor, Paul Alexander; Rolle, Aurélie; Irvine, John Thomas SirrJournal article
30-Aug-2013The respiratory arsenite oxidase : structure and the role of residues surrounding the rieske clusterWarelow, Thomas P.; Oke, Muse; Schoepp-Cothenet, Barbara; Dahl, Jan U.; Bruselat, Nicole; Sivalingam, Ganesh N.; Leimkuehler, Silke; Thalassinos, Konstantinos; Kappler, Ulrike; Naismith, James H.; Santini, Joanne M.Journal article
2015Reversible control of nanoparticle functionalization and physicochemical properties by dynamic covalent exchangedella Sala, Flavio; Kay, Euan RobertJournal article
17-Mar-2015A review of methods for the calculation of solution free energies and the modelling of systems in solutionSkyner, R. E.; McDonagh, J. L.; Groom, C. R.; van Mourik, T.; Mitchell, J. B. O.Journal article
11-Feb-2014Rhodium/phospholane-phosphite catalysts give unusually high regioselectivity in the enantioselective hydroformylation of vinyl arenesNoonan, Gary M.; Cobley, Christopher J.; Mahoney, Thomas; Clarke, Matthew L.Journal article
1-Dec-2014Rigid biimidazole ancillary ligands as an avenue to bright deep blue cationic iridium(III) complexesHenwood, Adam Francis; Evariste, Sloane; Slawin, Alexandra Martha Zoya; Zysman-Colman, EliJournal article
Dec-2014The role of LiO2 solubility in O2 reduction in aprotic solvents and its consequences for Li-O2 batteriesJohnson, L.; Li, C.; Liu, Z.; Chen, Y.; Freunberger, S.A.; Ashok, P.C.; Praveen, B.B.; Dholakia, K.; Tarascon, J.-M.; Bruce, P.G.Journal article
1-Jul-2011The role of silver additives in gold-mediated C-H functionalisationPatrick, Scott R.; Boogaerts, Ine I. F.; Gaillard, Sylvain; Slawin, Alexandra M. Z.; Nolan, Steven P.Journal article
7-Jun-2015The role of surface hydrolysis of ferricyanide anions in crystal growth of snowflake-shaped α-Fe2O3Liu, Zhong; Chiang, Chang-Yang; Li, Wu; Zhou, WuzongJournal article
26-Jan-2007Scoring functions and enrichment : a case study on Hsp90Konstantinou-Kirtay, Chrysi; Mitchell, John Blayney Owen; Lumley, James A.Journal article
28-Sep-2014The seeming lack of CF…HO intramolecular hydrogen bonds in linear aliphatic fluoroalcohols in solutionCormanich, R. A.; Rittner, R.; Freitas, M. P.; Buehl, M.Journal article
1-Jan-2015Selective modification of the β-β linkage in DDQ-treated Kraft lignin analysed by 2D NMR spectroscopyTran, F.; Lancefield, C. S.; Kamer, P. C. J.; Lebl, T.; Westwood, N. J.Journal article
20-Aug-2001Selenocarbonyl synthesis using Woollins ReagentBhattacharyya, Pravat; Woollins, John DerekJournal article
2015Short-interval observational data to inform clinical trial design in early Huntington’s DiseaseHobbs, Nicola Z.; Farmer, Ruth E.; Rees, Elin M.; Cole, James H.; Haider, Salman; Malone, Ian B; Sprengelmeyer, Reiner Heinrich; Johnson, Hans; Mueller, Hans-Peter; Sussmuth, Sigurd D.; Roos, Raymund A.C.; Durr, Alexandra; Frost, Chris; Scahill, Rachael I.; Landwehrmeyer, Bernhard; Tabrizi, Sarah JJournal article
Showing results 248 to 267 of 338
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