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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
2015Palladium(0) NHC complexes : a new avenue to highly efficient phosphorescenceHenwood, Adam Francis; Lesieur, Mathieu; Bansal, Ashu Kumar; Lemaur, Vincent; Beljonne, David; Thompson, David G.; Graham, Duncan; Slawin, Alexandra Martha Zoya; Samuel, Ifor David William; Cazin, Catherine S.J.; Zysman-Colman, EliJournal article
22-Dec-2014Palladium-catalyzed α-arylation of arylketones at low catalyst loadingsMarelli, Enrico; Corpet, Martin Michel Alfred Eton; Davies, Sian; Nolan, Steven PatrickJournal article
1-Oct-2015The Parzen Window method : in terms of two vectors and one matrixMussa, Hamse Yussuf; Mitchell, John B. O.; Afzal, AvidJournal article
17-Sep-2013[Pd(NHC)(PR3)] complexes : versatile tools for tandem dehydrogenation-hydrogenation processesSongis, Olivier; Cazin, Catherine S.J.Journal article
11-Mar-2014Performance of direct carbon fuel cells operated on coal and effect of operation modeChien, Andrew C.; Arenillas, Ana; Jiang, Cairong; Irvine, John T. S.Journal article
3-Jul-2013PFClust : a novel parameter free clustering algorithmMavridis, Lazaros; Nath, Neetika; Mitchell, John B. O.Journal article
Jul-2011Phenyl(2,4,5-triphenylcyclopenta-1,4-dien-1-yl)methanoneCordes, David B.; Hua, Guoxiong; Slawin, Alexandra M. Z.; Woollins, J. DerekJournal article
11-Apr-2014Photophysical and structural characterisation of in situ formed quantum dotsBansal, A. K.; Antolini, F.; Sajjad, M. T.; Stroea, L.; Mazzaro, R.; Ramkumar, S. G.; Kass, K. -J.; Allard, S.; Scherf, U.; Samuel, I. D. W.Journal article
Aug-2014Physical properties of the WASP-67 planetary system from multi-colour photometryMancini, L.; Southworth, J.; Ciceri, S.; Calchi Novati, S.; Dominik, M.; Henning, Th.; Jørgensen, U. G.; Korhonen, H.; Nikolov, N.; Alsubai, K. A.; Bozza, V.; Bramich, D. M.; D'Ago, G.; Figuera Jaimes, R.; Galianni, P.; Gu, S.-H.; Harpsøe, K.; Hinse, T. C.; Hundertmark, M.; Juncher, D.; Kains, N.; Popovas, A.; Rabus, M.; Rahvar, S.; Skottfelt, J.; Snodgrass, C.; Street, R.; Surdej, J.; Tsapras, Y.; Vilela, C.; Wang, X.-B.; Wertz, O.Journal article
2013A planar dianionic ditelluride and a cyclic tritelluride supported by P2N2 ringsNordheider, Andreas; Chivers, Tristram; Thirumoorthi, Ramalingam; Arachchige, Kasun S. Athukorala; Slawin, Alexandra M. Z.; Woollins, J. Derek; Vargas-Baca, IgnacioJournal article
May-2012Planar P6E6 (E = Se, S) macrocycles incorporating P2N2 scaffoldsNordheider, Andreas; Chivers, Tristram; Thirumoorthi, Ramalingam; Vargas-Baca, Ignacio; Woollins, J. DerekJournal article
1-Nov-2014Platinum bis(phosphine) complexes of 1,8-naphthosultamDiamond, Louise M.; Knight, Fergus R.; Randall, Rebecca A. M.; Fuller, Amy L.; Slawin, Alexandra M. Z.; Woollins, J. DerekJournal article
15-Oct-2014Platinum bisphosphine complexes of 1,8-naphthosultoneDiamond, Louise; Knight, Fergus Ross; Cordes, David B.; Fuller, Amy; Slawin, Alexandra Martha Zoya; Woollins, J DerekJournal article
Jan-2013Platinum complexes of 5,6-Dihydroacenaphtho[5,6-cd]-1,2-dichalcogenolesBenson, Callum G. M.; Schofield, Catherine M.; Randall, Rebecca A. M.; Wakefield, Lucy; Knight, Fergus R.; Slawin, Alexandra M. Z.; Woollins, J. DerekJournal article
1-Jan-2014Poly[[chlorido-(1,10-phenanthroline-κ2N,N′)copper(II)]-μ3-1,1,3,3-tetra-cyano-2-eth-oxy-propenido- κ3N:N′:N′′] : coordination polymer sheets linked into bilayers by hydrogen bondsSetifi, Z.; Setifi, F.; El Ammari, L.; El-Ghozzi, M.; Sopková-De Oliveira Santos, J.; Merazig, H.; Glidewell, C.Journal article
Dec-2014Porous, rigid metal(III)-carboxylate metal-organic frameworks for the delivery of nitric oxideEubank, J.F.; Wheatley, P.S.; Lebars, G.; McKinlay, A.C.; Leclerc, H.; Horcajada, P.; Daturi, M.; Vimont, A.; Morris, R.E.; Serre, C.Journal article
26-Jan-2012Predicting the mechanism of phospholipidosisLowe, Robert; Mussa, Hamse Y.; Nigsch, Florian; Glen, Robert C.; Mitchell, John B. O.Journal article
25-Jun-2013Predicting the protein targets for athletic performance-enhancing substancesMavridis, Lazaros; Mitchell, John B. O.Journal article
10-Aug-2012The preferred conformation of erythro- and threo-1,2-difluorocyclododecanesWang, Yi; Kirsch, Peer; Lebl, Tomas; Slawin, Alexandra M. Z.; O'Hagan, DavidJournal article
10-May-2010Preparation and compounds of (8-methoxynaphth-1-yl)diphenylphosphineKnight, Fergus R.; Fuller, Amy L.; Slawin, Alexandra M. Z.; Woollins, J. DerekJournal article
Showing results 271 to 290 of 424
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