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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Type
26-Apr-2011OctaselenocyclododecaneHua, Guoxiong; Griffin, John M.; Ashbrook, Sharon E.; Slawin, Alexandra M. Z.; Woollins, J. DerekJournal article
1-Jun-2014Octyl 1-(5-tert-butyl-1H-pyrazol-3-yl)-2-(4-chlorophenyl)-1H-benzimidazole- 5-carboxylate : complex sheets built from N-H⋯N, C-H⋯N and C-H⋯O hydrogen bondsCortés, E.; Abonía, R.; Cobo, J.; Glidewell, C.Journal article
30-Apr-2015On the chemical biology of the nitrite/sulfide interactionCortese-Krott, M.M.; Fernandez, B.O.; Kelm, M.; Butler, A.R.; Feelisch, M.Journal article
1-Apr-2014On the importance of decarbonylation as a side-reaction in the ruthenium-catalysed dehydrogenation of alcohols : a combined experimental and density functional studySieffert, Nicolas; Reocreux, Romain; Lorusso, Patrizia; Cole-Hamilton, David J.; Buehl, MichaelJournal article
Oct-2014One origin for metallo-β-lactamase activity, or two? An investigation assessing a diverse set of reconstructed ancestral sequences based on a sample of phylogenetic treesAlderson, Rosanna Grace; Barker, Daniel; Mitchell, John B. O.Journal article
4-Nov-2013Optimisation of engineered Escherichia coli biofilms for enzymatic biosynthesis of L-halotryptophansPerni, S.; Hackett, L.; Goss, R.J.M.; Simmons, M.J.; Overton, T.W.Journal article
5-Dec-2014Organic chemistry on surfaces : direct cyclopropanation by dihalocarbene addition to vinyl terminated self-assembled monolayers (SAMs)Adamkiewicz, Malgorzata; O'Hagan, David; Hähner, GeorgJournal article
Jul-2015Organic semiconductor g-C3N4 modified TiO2 nanotube arrays for enhanced photoelectrochemical performance in wastewater treatmentLiu, Lingjuan; Zhang, Guan; Irvine, John Thomas Sirr; Wu, YuchengJournal article
Oct-2012Organo Phosphorus-Selenium Heterocycles Derived from Haloalkanols and AlkenesHua, Guoxiong; Fuller, Amy L.; Slawin, Alexandra M. Z.; Woollins, J. DerekJournal item
20-Apr-2010Organo-fluorine chemistry IIO'Hagan, DavidJournal item
23-Oct-2013Organo-fluorine chemistry IIIO'Hagan, DavidJournal item
7-Sep-2014Organocatalytic Lewis base functionalisation of carboxylic acids, esters and anhydrides via C1-ammonium or azolium enolatesMorrill, Louis C.; Smith, Andrew D.Journal item
28-Nov-2014Organocatalytic Michael addition–lactonisation of carboxylic acids using α,β-unsaturated trichloromethyl ketones as α,β-unsaturated ester equivalentsMorrill, L.C.; Stark, D.G.; Taylor, J.E.; Smith, S.R.; Squires, J.A.; D'Hollander, A.C.A.; Simal Fernandez, Carmen; Shapland, P.; O'Riordan, T.J.C.; Smith, A.D.Journal article
Nov-2013Organophosphorus-Selenium Heteroatom Derivatives from Selenation of Primary/Secondary Amines and Haloalkanes/DihaloalkanesHua, Guoxiong; Arachchige, Kasun S. A.; Slawin, Alexandra M. Z.; Woollins, J. DerekJournal article
Mar-2014The oxime portmanteau motif : released heteroradicals undergo incisive EPR interrogation and deliver diverse heterocyclesWalton, John ChristopherJournal article
2015Oxygen deficient layered double perovskite as an active cathode for CO2 electrolysis using a solid oxide conductorShin, Tae Ho; Myung, Jae-Ha; Verbraeken, Maarten Christiaan; Kim, Guntae; Irvine, John T.S.Journal article
19-Apr-2010Oxygen exchange in uranyl hydroxide via two "nonclassical" ionsBuehl, Michael; Schreckenbach, GeorgJournal article
28-Jun-2015Oxygen storage capacity and thermal stability of CuMnO2-CeO2 Composite SystemHuang, Xiubing; Ni, Chengsheng; Zhao, Guixia; Irvine, John T.S.Journal article
2015Palladium(0) NHC complexes : a new avenue to highly efficient phosphorescenceHenwood, Adam Francis; Lesieur, Mathieu; Bansal, Ashu Kumar; Lemaur, Vincent; Beljonne, David; Thompson, David G.; Graham, Duncan; Slawin, Alexandra Martha Zoya; Samuel, Ifor David William; Cazin, Catherine S.J.; Zysman-Colman, EliJournal article
22-Dec-2014Palladium-catalyzed α-arylation of arylketones at low catalyst loadingsMarelli, Enrico; Corpet, Martin Michel Alfred Eton; Davies, Sian; Nolan, Steven PatrickJournal article
Showing results 278 to 297 of 474
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