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7-Dec-2014Fabrication and characterisation of a large-area solid oxide fuel cell based on dual tape cast YSZ electrode skeleton supported YSZ electrolytes with vanadate and ferrite perovskite-impregnated anodes and cathodesNi, C.S.; Vohs, J.M.; Gorte, R.J.; Irvine, J.T.S.Journal article
5-Feb-2016Fabrication of a high-quality, porous, surface-confined covalent organic framework on a reactive metal surfaceLarrea, Christian Rodriguez; Baddeley, Christopher JohnJournal article
1-Jun-2015Facile structure design based on C3N4 for mediator-free Z-scheme water splitting under visible lightZhao, Guixia; Huang, Xiubing; Fina, Federica; Zhang, Guan; Irvine, John Thomas SirrJournal article
Apr-2009Facile synthesis and structure of novel 2,5-disubstituted 1,3,4-selenadiazolesHua, Guoxiong; Li, Yang; Fuller, Amy; Slawin, Alexandra Martha Zoya; Woollins, J DerekJournal article
May-2015Facile synthesis of (110)-plane-exposed au microflowers as high sensitive hydrogen peroxide sensorsYu, F.; Liu, Z.; Zhou, W.Journal article
31-Dec-2012First charge-transfer complexes between tetrathiafulvalene and 1,2,5-chalcogenadiazole derivatives : design, synthesis, crystal structures, electronic and electrical propertiesPushkarevsky, Nikolay A.; Lonchakov, Anton V.; Semenov, Nikolay A.; Lork, Enno; Buravov, Lev I.; Konstantinova, Lidia S.; Silber, Georg T.; Robertson, Neil; Gritsan, Nina P.; Rakitin, Oleg A.; Woollins, J. Derek; Yagubskii, Eduard B.; Beckmann, Jens; Zibarev, Andrey V.Journal article
14-Sep-2007The first organocatalytic carbonyl-ene reaction : isomerisation-free C-C bond formations catalysed by H-bonding thio-ureasClarke, Matthew L.; Jones, Charlotte E. S.; France, Marcia B.Journal article
15-Mar-2010Five-membered arsenic-sulfur-nitrogen heterocycles, RAs(S2N2) (R = Me, Et, iPr, tBu, Ph, Mes)Matuska, Vit; Slawin, Alexandra M. Z.; Woollins, J. DerekJournal article
18-Feb-2014FKBP12.6 activates RyR1 : investigating the amino acid residues critical for channel modulationVenturi, Elisa; Galfre, Elena; O'Brien, Fiona; Pitt, Samantha J.; Bellamy, Stuart; Sessions, Richard B.; Sitsapesan, RebeccaJournal article
Jun-2015Flavonoid metabolites reduce tumor necrosis factor-α secretion to a greater extent than their precursor compounds in human THP-1 monocytesdi Gesso, J.L.; Kerr, J.S.; Zhang, Q.; Raheem, S.; Yalamanchili, S.K.; O'Hagan, D.; Kay, C.D.; O'Connell, M.A.Journal article
9-Jul-2012Fluorescence suppression using wavelength modulated Raman spectroscopy in fiber-probe-based tissue analysisBalagopal, Bavishna; Ashok, Praveen Cheriyan; Mazilu, Michael; Riches, Andrew Clive; Herrington, C Simon; Dholakia, KishanJournal article
4-Jan-2015Fluoride, bifluoride and trifluoromethyl complexes of iridium(I) and rhodium(I)Truscott, Byron; Nahra, Fady; Slawin, Alexandra Martha Zoya; Cordes, David Bradford; Nolan, Steven PatrickJournal article
15-Jul-2013Fluorinated Phosphorus-Selenium Heteroatom Compounds : Phenylphosphonofluorodiselenoic Salts, Adducts, and EstersHua, Guoxiong; Du, Junyi; Slawin, Alexandra M. Z.; Woollins, J. DerekJournal article
7-Aug-2014Fluorine-free blue-green emitters for light-emitting electrochemical cellsEvariste, Sloane; Sandroni, Martina; Rees, Thomas W.; Roldán-Carmona, Cristina; Gil-Escrig, Lidon; Bolink, Henk J.; Baranoff, Etienne; Zysman-Colman, EliJournal article
13-Jan-2015Formation of bioinorganic complexes by the corrosive adsorption of (S)-proline on Ni/Au(111)Green, Riho Thomas Seljamae; Simpson, Grant James; Grillo, Federico; Greenwood, John; Francis, Stephen Malcolm; Schaub, Renald; Gano, Jerome E.; Fruchtl, Herbert Anton; Lacovig, Paolo; Baddeley, Christopher JohnJournal article
14-May-2015Formylated chloro-bridged iridium(III) dimers as OLED materials : opening up new possibilitiesWong, Michael Y.; Xie, Guohua; Tourbillon, Clarisse; Sandroni, Martina; Cordes, David Bradford; Slawin, Alexandra Martha Zoya; Samuel, Ifor David William; Zysman-Colman, EliJournal article
1-Apr-2014Four related benzazepine derivatives in a reaction pathway leading to a benzazepine carboxylic acid : hydrogen-bonded assembly in zero, one, two and three dimensionsGuerrero, S.A.; Sanabría, C.M.; Palma, A.; Cobo, J.; Glidewell, C.Journal article
6-Oct-2014From double-four-ring germanosilicates to new zeolites : in silico investigationTrachta, Michal; Bludský, Ota; Čejka, Jiří; Morris, Russell E; Nachtigall, PetrJournal article
Nov-2008From phenylalkylcyanamides to heterocyclic selenazadiphospholaminediselenides and carbamidoyl(phenyl) phosphinodiselenoic acidsHua, Guoxiong; Zhang, Qingzhi; Li, Yang; Slawin, Alexandra Martha Zoya; Woollins, J DerekJournal article
10-Dec-2012Functional analysis of Leishmania cyclopropane fatty acid synthetaseOyola, Samuel O.; Evans, Krystal J.; Smith, Terry K.; Smith, Barbara A.; Hilley, James D.; Mottram, Jeremy C.; Kaye, Paul M.; Smith, Deborah F.Journal article
Showing results 148 to 167 of 478
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